The Secret to talking about climate change

Video created by Federica Carnicelli Partner on 05-Jun-2018

    Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges of our century. Nevertheless, it is hardly ever part of our daily conversations, because it is a "heavy" topic. It is a huge global challenge in which each single person feels completely powerless. Truth is, we are part of the Earth ecosystem, and our behavior inevitably influences it... so we do have power, and therefore responsibility, towards climate change!


    Of course, in the InnoEnergy Community we all know that, but how can we increase consciousness among our family and friends ?!


    I suggest you to look at this fun, short video, produced by the Alliance for Climate Education and inspired by the research of Dr. Renee Lertzman, an expert in the psychosocial aspects of climate change communications, who has also collaborated with Global Footprint Network.


    Go ahead, start a climate change conversation, and move the Earth Overshoot Date a little further If you would like to know other ways to help move the Earth Overshoot Date, check out this website: Steps to #MoveTheDate – Earth Overshoot Day