Must-watch documentary - Virunga

Video created by Silvia Francioso Partner on 26-Nov-2017

    Virunga (Home | Virunga) is a 2014 British documentary focusing on the conservation work of park rangers in Congo's Virunga National Park, home to the world's last mountain gorillas. It documents the rise of the violent M23 rebellion in 2012 and critically investigates the oil exploration by Soco International, a British oil company. 


    The pressure brought by the filmmakers, local NGOs and other organization put to an end those activities which would have largely impacted the protected UNESCO site and the wildlife (Virunga film-makers ask viewers to join campaign against oil company Soco | Environment | The Guardian). However, the Congolese government formally could again grant concession allowing oil exploration, as those activities potentially could attract international investment (DR Congo seeks Virunga park boundary change - BBC News).


    "Enjoy" it!