New Age Nuclear Reactors ”The Force Awakens”

Video created by Robert Pleticha Partner on 27-Sep-2017

    Nuclear has been always surrounded with myths and mysteries. But, the fact is that nuclear technology is very easy to understand and very safe to operate. Through this video I will try to bring out the face of nuclear that no one wants to see, ironically the good one. I will show you the fascinating side of the nuclear industry and its upcoming breakthrough technological developments. I will also try to stay away from clichés and polemics which the nuclear community has faced since long. I have a wish to show you the beautiful side of nuclear energy and a hope that the community of sustainable development and climate partisans accept nuclear as part of the fraternity and not adversary. 


    Chirayu Batra is currently working for the Fast Reactor Technology Development at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and is a forefront believer of the next generation nuclear technology.