Story of a memorable journey - The Gotland Adventure

Video created by Enric Perarnau Ollé Partner on 31-May-2017

    From the 20th to the 23rd of April, the CommUnity in Stockholm organised an amazing 3-day trip to Gotland, a little island located in south-east Sweden. The Region of Gotland is undertaking new actions and creating new polices to become a more sustainable island for the future. Indeed, the island has set the goal to have a 100% climate-neutral energy supply by 2025.


    Two main visits were organised during this trip, one to the Municipality of the Gotland in Visby, and the other to the largest windfarm in Sweden located in Näsudden. The main intention was to have a closer look on how the Municipality is dealing with this change towards a more sustainable future, and build up a long-lasting relationship between the CommUnity, InnoEnergy and the local government of Gotland, together with some energy companies in the area. Within this context, a contest was organised by the CommUnity in the Municipality, where students and other members of InnoEnergy had to present their proposals to 7 different challenges Gotland is facing nowadays. These proposals were then evaluated for a professional jury composed by: two representative of InnoEnergy and teachers at KTH, two representative from the Municipality of Gotland, one representatives from an energy company, and Lukas Keller representing the CommUnity.


    Gotland Adventure was the first event of its kind organised by the CommUnity, and the outcomes were really positive for all the interested parts. It served to promote InnoEnergy Master School and the CommUnity (including SELECT project of the Year) to the local government and other entities. Students could show their potential working with the challenges and the Municipality was impressed with all the proposals presented. This trip also forged the students of several MSc and Alumni joining together on a social and professional level, which sometimes is difficult to accomplish.


    Finally, as organisers, we would like to thank InnoEnergy and the CommUnity to make Gotland Adventure a reality, and the Region of Gotland to open its doors to us. Helena Andersson from the Municipality of Gotland deserves a special mention. Without her help and patience, this trip would truly have been impossible to carry out.  Also, thank you very much to Falko Döring and Jacob Dalton for their support and advises, and to all the participants of the trip for the excellent attitude and vibes during this journey. 


    The Gotland Team: Enric Perarnau Ollé (Smart Cities), Jordi Guillumet Canals (RENE), Gabriele Catalano (RENE), Marina Gil Sanchez (RENE), Claudia Di Tullio (RENE) and Nicolas Werckmeister (Smart Cities), with the help of the manager of the CommUnity in Sweden Lukas Keller.