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Do you have a question about intellectual property?

Question asked by Marcella Mekenkamp Partner on 07-Nov-2018

Dear Community Members,


At InnoEnergy, we work as an innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe. We invest in innovation! A factor that can sometimes remain unclear, is how one protects their investments and innovative ideas. This is where intellectual property comes into play, an area to which all inventors must pay attention. To get you started, the intellectual property team of InnoEnergy will develop a webinar series, in which we will try to answer all your questions on intellectual property. We will try to upload a short video every week (max. 10 minutes), to get you familiar with the field of intellectual property, and its importance. Following our webinars will assist you in dealing with IP and help you develop a sound IP strategy. To go to the videos, please click on the following link: 


So you have any questions about intellectual property? Let us know! Then we can incorporate them in our videos, or help you by answering them directly. 


Kind regards,

The InnoEnergy IP Team