Anna Kazaeva

“Battery storage to accelerate the energy transition” webinar on Monday, 8 October

Discussion created by Anna Kazaeva Partner on 13-Sep-2018

We all know that battery storage is today’s hot topic. Battery storage is the next big disruptive technology and is going to play a significant role in the already transforming energy sector. It supports secure and efficient renewables integration, enables decarbonisation of the energy system and can revolutionise the power and transportation sectors.


Growing market demands have driven prices down as major players in Asia, Europe and the United States are scaling up battery production. With the current lower prices and regulatory changes, the role of battery storage will continue to expand in energy markets and transform the power landscape. And as consumers become prosumers – they will play a more active part in the energy transition!


Join the “Battery storage to accelerate the energy transition” webinar on Monday,  8 October to understand the future impact, market trends and how prosumers will actually drive the market. In this webinar, we will discuss the following crucial elements: 

  • How batteries will affect the energy transition and what their expected impact will be by 2040?
  • What the key market drivers and emerging business models are for the energy sector?
  • How prosumers can make use of battery storage and play a more active role in the energy transition?

What are your thoughts on the future of battery storage? Reserve your spot now for this essential webinar on Monday, 8 October: