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Opinion on InnoEnergy Master's School

Discussion created by siva sembian Partner on 08-Aug-2018

Dear All,


Just like every coin has two sides, I am certain that our master school as well has a lot of merits and lot of things that still needs to be improved. The best opinion and ideas for the future of master school is obtained from the students themselves who spend major share of their time indulged in its activities. I am sure you have filled in numerous surveys for your courses but they just stay within the system and the future students never have an idea what they are diving into. Thus, it will be really useful if you can take some time out to write a review on your masters program in the Go Overseas website so that future students can be more certain about the pros and cons of joining a particular program and make a better informed choice. Here are the links for the different programs on Go Overseas website:


SELECT: Master in Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems | Go Overseas 

CFAFE: Study Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy | Go Overseas 

ENTECH: Master in Energy Technologies in Sweden, France, or Portugal | Go Overseas 

RENE: Master in Renewable Energy in Europe | Go Overseas 

EMINE: European Master's in Nuclear Energy | Go Overseas 

SENSE: Master in Smart Electrical Systems and Networks | Go Overseas 

EFSC: Sustainable Energy Engineering Programs in Europe | Go Overseas