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Making a lot of money with renewable crowdfunding?

Question asked by Tobias Pingel on 08-May-2018
Latest reply on 19-Jul-2018 by Mariana Marçal



I made some experience with crowdfunding with Projekt „NEOS Wind 1“ | egNEOS · Neue Energien Ostsachsen eG  (sorry just german language). I like that they had a low entry level. And I am familar with the windpower station which they used in this project. So since i invested (Q4 2015) I made good experience with them.


Some days ago I found out about ecoligo, which currently have opened a solar energy battery storage project: Investment 173 kWp Solar-Batterie-Anlage Cauayan | - make investments. make them matter 


I would be interested, what is your impression about ecoligo, do you have experience with them?

Did you made experience in investing in other crowdfunding renewable energy  projects?

Which crowdfunding projects/platforms do you use/know?


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I also follow the wepower  project, which is going to launch a platform for crowdfund renewable projects, trading the energy and the energy token betwenn users and suppliers.