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How would it be possible to engage residential customer for DR services?

Discussion created by Niccolo' Primo Partner on 26-Apr-2018
Latest reply on 09-May-2018 by Claudio Geyken

Hello everybody!

We (Bartlomiej Obolewicz, Carlo Favero Falconi, Gwo-Bin Wu, Jacob Dalton, Justinas Jasiūnas, Natasha Pillai, Tommaso Mura, Karolis Gesevicius) are currently working on a research project trying to investigate how would be possible to engage the European residential sector to untap its potential flexibility. We are currently rolling out a survey in several languages and here you can find the link for the English, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian versions. It would be great if you could fill it up and help us by sharing it with your family, friends and colleagues. 


Besides that, we would like to know what do you think about this topic. Currently, the single customer economic value is not enough to get him involved or pushed to be more flexible (just to give you some order of magnitude around 100 euro/year, but of course the values varies country by country, customer per customer). In the next years, flexibility will be more valuable, but until then, what could be a good way to convince people to be more flexible and raise their awareness about the impact their electricity consumption has on the electrical system?