Volahasina Rasendramalala

The place of affordability and security of supply in the energy trilemma

Discussion created by Volahasina Rasendramalala Partner on 24-Apr-2018

The organisation YES-Energy (Young leaders in energy and sustainability in Europe) has recently posted a report: Energy students and young professionals' support needs: An online survey across Europe | Zenodo  

It is based on a survey about the point of view of young people regarding the future of energy. From the results, it was shown that in 20 years, affordability will decrease in importance, whereas sustainability will be as much important as security of supply. 

In a blog post I wrote for them, I touched upon a number of the reasons which might explain that change, such as: 

  • capacity mechanism vs storage + RES
  • National vs european notion of security of supply > Pan-European transmission grid and market coupling
  • The LCOE of renewables are decreasing > no need for feed-in tariffs anymore
  • Carbon price
  • Younger generation are more environment conscious > affordability comes second

I am seeking for your opinion and other reasons why this change will occur in the future.