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Anyone has contacts with NGOs that would be interested in two students performing their master thesis with them?

Question asked by Federica Tomasini Partner on 13-Mar-2018
Latest reply on 19-Mar-2018 by Giulia Torri

Hello everyone! 


Me and my colleague Giulia Torri have started in January a four-handed master thesis focused on the feasibility study of a pico scale hydro power plant to electrify a small rural village in Togo. Unfortunately, due to internal problems of the NGO, they are now not able to support us anymore with data.


Therefore, we find ourselves in the condition of having a good and solid knowledge about pico hydro technologies, but we don't have a location to study for the identification of the best suitable technology. We could do a general study, but we would love to make our knowledge beneficial to someone. 


Do any of you have contacts with NGOs that are working in the field of rural electrification and would be willing to have two enthusiast students at their services?  The best would be to use the hydro knowledge we have, but considering the running of time and the condition where we are, we are also open to change the focus on other types of technologies. 


Please, let us know whatever useful comes to your mind!


Thank you very much, 

Federica and Giulia