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Need to connect with startups providing solutions for developing countries

Question asked by Raghav Karnani Partner on 12-Feb-2018
Latest reply on 16-Feb-2018 by Silvia Francioso

Hi guys, 
I'm pretty new to using this platform constructively. Amazing chance to collaborate and communicate, I must say!


I have recently gotten in touch with an startup platform in my home country (India), which wants to collaborate with startups/companies in the EU, who are addressing issues relevant for India (and overall the S.E.Asia region). Since bringing worthwhile technologies back to India is something that even I have been actively wanting to do, I have offered to help them in this process. 


If any of you are in touch with any of the InnoEnergy startups, or any other startups that you feel will be relevant in the developing world, I request you to message me or notify me. I will contact you and hope that you can help me connect further!