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Embodied Energy in Buildings

Discussion created by Victor Blanaru Partner on 08-Feb-2018
Latest reply on 08-Feb-2018 by Archishman Bose

Hello, Community members


Just wanted to start a small discussion and ask you how important do you think it's the embodied energy for a building in the context of Life Cycle Energy Analysis. 


The Embodied Energy (EE) represent the energy demand for the building's materials ( including energy for extraction of raw materials, manufacturing and transportation), construction process, renovation process (if it's the case) and the end of life process (the final disposal).


I have read the often the EE is left out because it is considered negligible compared to the operational energy, or that it is calculated only on a cradle-to-gate context (building materials until they arrive at the construction site). 


So, if anyone is interested or working in this field, I would appreciate your opinion.