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Hydro-kinetic energy

Question asked by Federica Tomasini Partner on 06-Feb-2018
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Hello CommUnity members!
Me and my friend Giulia Torri are working on our thesis that has the final goal of electrifying a small village in Togo (around 1700 people). The NGO for which we're working see as the most promising resource the river flowing next to the village and want us to propose the design of a small scale hydro plant.

The two main issues we're facing are:

1. Absence of big natural heads nearby (plus desire of not impacting the local environment with dams)

2. Change in the water flow due to critical seasonal variations (dry vs rainy season). 


We consider that hydro kinetic turbines can be the best solution in this situation. Do you have any suggestions on name of manufacturer? Would you suggest us other options to consider?


Thanks for the help!  

The picture attached is one of the river (in the dry season) we're working on. 


Have a good day, 

Federica and Giulia