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Sign a Petition Against the Building of a Coal PP in the Philippines

Discussion created by Rudolph Santarromana Partner on 02-Feb-2018
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CommUnity Members,


There are plans to build a huge 670-MW Coal Fired Power Plant in a northern farming region of the Philippines. The proposed site is in a rural town in the north of the Philippines' biggest island (Luzon) where a lot people live off the land as farmers and fishers. This town is named Luna, La Union, and it is also the hometown of my father, where my family has lived for generations, and where I still have aunts, uncles, and cousins living just south of the proposed site, on the coast itself; thus, this is indeed, of particular concern and importance to me. As people who are knowledgeable of the hazards of CFPP plants (and not to mention, the fact that there are better cleaner options for the sunny Philippines on a windy coast) I am seeking your help. This petition is to oppose the construction of the plant, and the aim is to reach 5,000 signers, so have a look at it, and sign if you can.


If you'd like to understand more about this proposed plant, read this article, they have told citizens in the area that the technology they will use "will not emit smoke", that all "health and environmental issues will be addressed properly", and that it will "uplift the local economy to about P500 million (7.8 MEUR) in real property tax." 


Thanks for the support!