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Discussion created by Stefano Roveda Partner on 29-Jan-2018
Latest reply on 31-Jan-2018 by Silvia Francioso

About 3 weeks after the group's start, we reached the first milestone: 15+ members in the group.


Silvia Francioso already participed in creating content in the group and quoting it in her posts, while Claudio Geyken correctly proposed to reach a first number of followers and then set a goal for the group and a list of projects.


Now the time arrived. It is time to start building something up!


Which is the direction you would like to see this initiative going towards? 

I am starting sharing my goal: to start an InnoEnergy activity involving local people to build shareable knowledge about the culture and the reality we address to: what can we offer and what can we learn.

It sounds very vague and I will later on post an idea of a possible InnoEnergy project that could back it up.


I shared this point of view because I feel it very personal and close to my experience, but of course I am well interested in other approaches, more practical perhaps. 


Is your goal to start a mini grid project? To run some kind of events? 


Other goals could be:

  • market analysis/research
  • contact companies
  • business idea for eventual start ups
How and where should we create the list of projects? 
I hope you will share your thoughts and together come out with a structured plan!