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Students’ Representative election Intake 2017

Discussion created by Jordi Guillumet Canals Partner on 12-Feb-2018
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Do you want to represent your 2016-2018 classmates on the RENE steering committee?

Submit your candidature now!


Hey there! I am Jordi Guillumet, RENE Y2 student at UPC, Barcelona. I am the Student’s representative of MSc RENE for the intake of 2016 and on behalf of your program director Enrique Velo and the governing board of MSc RENE I am calling you for the election of the students’ representative of intake 2017. 


As a student representative you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the governing board of MSc RENE and take part in meetings to discuss several aspects of the program. Some of your tasks will be:


    • Report students’ concerns about the program to the governing board
    • Discuss different aspects of the program organization
    • Propose and implement improvements for the students’ experience during RENE
    • Attend periodic meetings regarding revision and planning of activities, program improvements, etc.



The election process is very simple, it consists of two stages.


  • Submitting candidatures. You have 2 weeks to submit your candidature (until the 26th of February)  in this CommUnity post (expose it as a comment below so your colleagues can read your candidature). Explain your plans as students’ representative. It’s your time to shine! 


  • Election. An election survey will be posted and you will have 2 other weeks to vote for your colleagues. You can vote once. Information about the voting process will be sent after the submission of candidatures.


For any question regarding the position or the process drop me an e-mail at