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Shall we begin?

Discussion created by Stefano Roveda Partner on 10-Jan-2018
Latest reply on 26-May-2018 by Churchill Omondi Agutu

Alright here is the group we were talking about to make with Claudio Geyken and Silvia Francioso.

The name is developing countries inclusion, focusing in energy inclusion and financial inclusion


The goal is to take action as InnoEnergy members, coming out with ideas, projects and activities in order to include developing countries in the change for a sustainable future.


Key role will play the contribution of people such Muhammed kabir BelloYusuf Lawal, Ida Mannoh and all the other member of InnoEnergy who have african or asian nationality and thus they can provide better insights of the countries we will take in consideration.


I know Niccolò Tommasini has some iniciatives to point out but I am sure he is not the only one.


I am exited to hear your thoughts