Archishman Bose

Energy Autonomy - A Pseudo Concept?

Discussion created by Archishman Bose Partner on 03-Dec-2017


With the growth of renewable energy concepts of energy independence and energy autonomy, have historically been defined as the ability of nations or regions to be independent of the reliance of fossil fuel import and associated uncertainties. Besides being non-renewable and cause of large emissions of greenhouse gases, traditional fuel resources are extremely skewed in world-wide distribution. This has urged governments and organizations alike, to strive and work for energy autonomy, especially for developing countries. 


 A very interesting read, through a very recent post, attached above presents the concepts of Geo-politics of energy that will continue to remain even in a 100% renewable energy scenario. The materials needed for the renewable energy development, unfortunately are similarly skewed in their distribution like Oil and Gas. Hence a major barrier to the so-called concept of Energy Autonomy remains and needs to be answered if such a scenario is feasible at all. 


A very interesting geo-poitical scenario might therefore arise with constant shift in power and hegemony from one country to another based on the demand cycle of one mineral or metal or other. The future of energy might therefore not be independent after all, but ever more reliant on each other on an international level.