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Can you recommend me waste-to-energy companies?

Question asked by Efrain Arturo Hernandez Mora Partner on 11-Oct-2017
Latest reply on 20-Oct-2017 by Agnieszka Ćwik

Hey guys!
Long-story short, a client of us that collects and transport residues for building is looking to propose an energy generation system with residues for an airport in Mexico (pyrolisis, incineration, whatever works), and asked me to recommend him some companies that do precisely that (generate energy from resiudes).

This is some off-the-duty actions, but will surely help me look good, and of course will help Mexico become more sustainable.

This is a real client, who is looking to tender for an application process, so if you know companies, or are in one that does waste-to-energy, you might get some real business expansion in Mexico

In case you want to know, the company is Vertical SNE | Chutes, Ductos de basura y ropa sucia 
He needs preferably well established companies to partner up with from anywhere in the world, so he collects and transport and the other party generates the energy. Bright start-ups could also work.

Do you have any suggestions I can look into?
I will really appreciate your help!!!