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Who wants to volunteer in the conference Solar Asset Management Europe in Milan 7-8 of November and listen to/meet the top executives of the industry?

Question asked by Konstantinos Tzanakakis Partner on 29-Sep-2017
Latest reply on 06-Oct-2017 by Tara Trafton

Hi everyone,


I can secure a couple of free tickets for the conference Solar Asset Management Europe held in Milan on 7-8 November.


It is the leading B2B conference fully dedicated to the optimization of the operational phase of PV plants and portfolios.

Executives from the industry will talk about technical and financial topics such as new business models, market consolidation, O&M, grid balancing and larger exposure to the electricity market. You can check more information in the link provided above. It is a great opportunity to find out the trends and the challenges of the industry from a different point of view: the operational phase of the assets.


The volunteers will have access to the conference, drinks and food will be available. In return, we ask you to assist in some of the operations, to keep notes during 2-3 sessions and possibly to write articles about them (Strong preference to the ones that agree to this; maybe the CommUnity Post can get involved?). The call will go out to other student/alumni associations, but of course I would prefer Innoenergy people in the room!
(No travel/accomodation expenses will be covered)


Feel free to contact me at