Enrico Furnari

Electric Trucks - the upcoming disruptors in the oil markets

Discussion created by Enrico Furnari Partner on 25-Sep-2017



I would like to share with all you an article that summarizes what I have been working on in the past few months.

Even ahead of the Tesla Semi-truck, this is one of the first comprehensive studies on the potential of electric truck.


While private owners have range concerns on EVs, commercial businesses have a much more predictable driving distance and are also more cost-aware - two factors that could lead a very fast adoption. 

On the other side, limited supply will limit the uptake in the short-term. 

Our analysis suggests that 15% of trucks' sales will be electric by 2030.


Hope you enjoy the reading, and curious to hear if there is anyone working in the segment.

Stay tuned for updates!


New reality: electric trucks and their implications on energy demand | McKinsey Energy Insights