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Call for Representatives - Energy Hackathon Event

Question asked by Lukas Keller Partner on 25-Sep-2017

InnoEnergy is holding an energy hackathon to generate Ideas and Buzz for an online learning course on Battery Storage. The project owners from InnoEnergy have come forth with this as a project proposal to the CommUnity, asking us for taking project responsibility of the planning and execution of the Hackathon in our CommUnity way, as a CommUnity event.


The CommUnity progresses sustainable energy ideas and creates impact through the entrepreneurial drive of its contributing members and representatives. The CommUnity Stockholm is, therefore, issuing a Call for Representatives that are interested in running this project in the entrepreneurial and impact-oriented CommUnity way, providing you with skills, contacts, network and a memorable personal growth journey.
By taking charge of this project, you will join the Representative-Programme of our CommUnity and become an active part of our international professional network of change-drivers and innovators. 


How does it work?

1. See if you are interested to make an impact and kick-off your personal growth journey. Read the attachments and see if this is an event/project you would like to be in charge of.

2. Comment here that you are interested and if you have any questions.

3. We will organise an evening workshop with all interested members in Stockholm office to introduce (1) the project, (2) the representative programme and (3) co-create the execution details of this event in our CommUnity way (who and how).

4. The one or two Representatives running this project after the workshop will embark on the Representatives-Programme and contribute to the success of the project, our local CommUnity and their personal growth journey.



The InnoEnergy staff team accepted our CommUnity process as the way of going forward. This includes the project details being separated in Constants and Variables. The constants are set by the project owners and can't be changed, the variables are up to you to do in a way you seem the most suitable. We won't tell you what to do, you will figure out yourself what is needed to bring this project to success in an entrepreneurial way. 

Date, Venue, Budget,Topic, Target group, Branding, Minimum requirements on marketing, weekly updates to the project owners


Event structure, Content, Setup, Representative Team structure, Execution plan and anything else thats not in the constants (we can't fly to the moon, but we can aim for it)


More you will find in the attachments and in our office meeting once we have a critical mass of people.

See you soon, we will have more projects incoming if this one is not for you.