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Brainstorm: Homeless people in Lisbon and solutions

Discussion created by Mariana Marçal Partner on 24-Aug-2017
Latest reply on 01-Oct-2017 by Bruno Prazeres

Hi everyone! 


I would like to seat and talk about the current situation of homeless people in Lisbon (and other cities) and suggest a idea that i think it could help. 

Is anyone interested in this topic as well? It could be just a way of explaining what i've been thinking about and get feedback on it's feasibility.

Also, if you know any material on this topic, let me know - books, articles, videos, movies, etc. 

My question is, one way of empowering people is to have job offers, how to start a company that can hire homeless people and at the same time give them initial conditions (house, hygiene, clothes, training)?