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Investing in Sustainable Energy (Collaborate)

Discussion created by Enrico Furnari Partner on 20-Aug-2017
Latest reply on 30-Aug-2017 by Robert Pleticha

As our CommUnity is getting 'older', I've realized that there are more and more Alumni that are interested/involved in investing part of the salary into stocks/assets. Given our background, we are not only interested in general investing, but specifically into companies that have a positive impact in the world.

Instead of us looking individually for interesting companies and opportunities, I think it would be great if we can share best ideas here (obviously with the disclaimer that all the following constitutes personal opinion only and not investment advice),


Personally, I am an investor in Tesla and Vestas Wind, which have yielded spectacular returns in the past few months - so high that they are probably not a great investment anymore.



Does any of you want to share his/her investment in sustainable energy?