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Timetable for Year 1 RENE at UPC Barcelona

Question asked by Eloi Bigas Partner on 04-Aug-2017
Latest reply on 04-Aug-2017 by Eloi Bigas

Hello, everybody!


This september I'll begin my first year of the RENE programme at ETSEIB-UPC, in Barcelona.

I've been unable to find the timetable for the course anywhere. I guess that when we enroll on september we'll know the final subjects and schedules, but I'd like to have some orientative information now so as to begin organizing my year.

At the moment, I only know classes will be on afternoons. I have no idea how many hours we'll have daily, nor if we'll have practical classes some mornings. 


Does anybody who has studied RENE at Barcelona remember more or less the timetable he/she had? Or, could other people tell me their experience schedule-wise in other universities?


Thank you very much! Any information regarding this subject will be very, very welcome!