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MSc Select Program current student outlook at UPC ?

Question asked by Sankalp Shrivastava on 14-Jun-2017
Latest reply on 08-Jul-2017 by Jacob Dalton

Hey ! I am Sankalp from India and I am hoping to start my masters @SELECT this Septemeber at UPC. I would love to connect and will really appreciate if you could answer few of my questions that would be great. I am really passionate about energy and loved the way course is structured for an aspiring Entrepreneurs like me but on the other side, I wanted to be sure. Current students can help me with that.

1) The course fee is quite out of my budget so is this program really value for money I mean how good is it?
2) As half of the course is a KTH how would you rate the overall experience?
3) I know it depends on person to person and their capabilities to get a job but after this course what is the job market like after course or startup opportunities?
4) How good are the faculty and labs?
5) How good is the curriculum as compared to traditional masters course?
6) How expensive is it to live in Barcelona?

7) What are your personal views about the course and life at UPC?

I know these are a lot of questions but I really appreciate your help here as its a lot of money I just wanted to be sure.

Thank you so much in advance  


Jacob Dalton