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Someone living in Leuven?

Question asked by Syavash Kazemi Partner on 08-Jun-2017
Latest reply on 12-Jun-2017 by Syavash Kazemi

Good day to everyone!


I'm travelling in September to Leuven to start my first year in MSc Energy for Smart Cities. I would like to know if there is anyone living right now in Leuven that could recommend me accommodation... I'm looking for a studio or apartment with at least 27 sqm...  


- Should I book something from abroad? Is it safe? (Kotwijs Huisvestingsdienst KU Leuven )

- If I start after arrival (September 6th) will I find something? (economically affordable) 

- Is anyone leaving in September that is renting a place that I could rent?


Thanks in advance!