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Who knows about LCA regulation in the French construction sector or has contact to architects in France?

Question asked by Philipp Hollberg Partner on 07-Jun-2017
Latest reply on 23-Aug-2017 by Philipp Hollberg

Dear CommUnity Members in France,

I am Philipp, co-founder of CAALA. We are a German startup with the goal of making the construction industry more sustainable (by running life-cycle assessments in real-time in the early planning phase). I just recently got to know that LCA (life-cycle assessment) will become mandatory in France from next year on. This could be highly relevant for us. Therefore I am looking for people who work or have knowledge about the construction industry and especially regulations in France. If you are working in the field or you know people I should talk to (especially architects) I would be very grateful to hear from you.

Thank you very much.