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Women and entrepreneurship

Discussion created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 31-May-2017
Latest reply on 06-Jun-2017 by Rachel Sadok

I came across this article today and I found it really interesting: InnoEnergy’s Innovation Director, Elena Bou, discusses the increasingly important role female entrepreneurs play within in the sustainable energy sector, given today’s rapidly changing energy market.


Also, I strongly recommend to check Elenas' work in IE.


This article is also related with Mina Mirzadeh post about gender bias in VC's : "Entering into a typical “boy’s network” is especially challenging and most women need to rely on their male colleagues and peers to obtain initial introductions into professional networks."


A few interesting highlights:


- Women make up only one quarter of the STEM classrooms on average across Europe (Eurostat, 2015).

- "In our current portfolio of 150+ supported companies we found that just 15 per cent have women entrepreneurs, slightly above the European average."

- (...) 31 per cent of entrepreneurs in Europe are women. And, in my field – sustainable energy – it falls to an even narrower minority, around 11 per cent."


One interesting statement:


"All our entrepreneurs – regardless of gender – share the same motivations to start a company. But in the case of female founders there are two motivations that appear more frequently: 1) the lack of opportunity to develop in their previous working environment and 2) the desire to do something good."


To what extent are you agree with this statement?


Link to the article: Celebrating International Women’s Day in Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship : InnoEnergy - pioneering change in sustain…