Robin Merl

Effective Altruism and Career Advice Tool

Discussion created by Robin Merl Partner on 30-May-2017

While in the Philippines I had stumbled over the organization for "Effective Altruism", which I believe in many ways sums up what our CommUnity and all of us stand for in many different ways: improving this world, not only for ourselves, but for humankind. Mainly, it starts off by thinking how effectively donations will actually have an impact at its final recipient. And it goes as far as thinking through how ones career can most positively and efficiently contribute to this goal.


This is where I found out about this organization: 80,000 hours (amount worked in a lifetime, assuming 40h/week, 50 weeks/year and 40 years), which is closely related to the efforts of effective altruism. They are a non-profit organization founded out of Oxford University and they provide career advice, aiming at making ones career worthwile for oneselves and society. They have an interesting tool to do so.


Most of us have of course already made serious decisions about our career, simply by joining this program. I believe it is always helpful though, to get a different perspective and to try and embrace that perspective. I personally have come to realize, mainly through my time as a volunteer in the Philippines, that there is a totally different meta-level beyond the energy sector, that represents the current and future world challenges. Energy only partially represents solutions to these challenges, such as global poverty, geopolitical unrest, human rights abuses.