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Discussion created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 15-May-2017
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A few day ago, Mina Mirzadeh asked about inspirational women leaders and entrepreneurs in sustainable energy. Claudio and I suggest her Carlota Pi, a catalan entrepreneur and engineer that founded HolaLuz, an electric company that is doing quite well in Spain. Surprisingly, she didn't find any content about her in english and I felt really sad. As a women, I am really proud of Carlotas' work and what has she done so far, and I'd love to share it with my peers. 


So i thought of doing a kind of "wikipedia" about women within sustainable energy. Let's give women visibility and share references... let's encourage our peers by sharing inspirational content. There is so many male references for everything, but not that much for women. I'd love to know, what women are your references? Do you want to share their achievements?


There is this nice project similar to what I am saying, I want to share with you: Wikiwomen. This also has to do with the idea that women are not really represented in Wikipedia and that we should have more women references, to keep a bigger record and spread the achievements of our peers.


This would be one specific idea I'd love to do with women and men of this CommUnity. But I am sure you girls have better ideas with greater insights whithin the sustainable energy field.


Looking forward to share ideas,