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Raspberry Pi: getting starting to work on your own home projects

Discussion created by Nikodem Bienia Partner on 15-May-2017
Latest reply on 06-Nov-2017 by Jacopo Sala

Hey folks, 

in recent times I created a stronger interst in programming and decided I try to push it to the next level. That is why I got myself a Raspberry pi and want to get all geeky about it. 


As there are endless opportunities to what you can do with it, it can be sometimes quite challenging to keep up with your focus. My idea of the Raspberry Pi is to develop applications for smart homes. 


I would like to ask the CommUnity if anyone has some experiences which (s)he would like to share and maybe we can even start to exchange each other. 


I heard thatfcapizzi is quite active with the Raspberry Pi. Am I right?