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Biography - how to name the EIT study track

Discussion created by Leonard Hülsmann Partner on 28-Apr-2017
Latest reply on 08-Aug-2017 by Machteld van Rijsingen

Hi all!


I am currently writing a paper and would like to add my biography to that paper. That's where I came across the issue how to best describe our study track, including EIT and not being wrong anywhere, since the re-branding may also have changed the exact description ;-)


Often, in papers the following phrase is used:


"XXX has received his M.Sc. in XXX Engineering from KTH Stockholm, Sweden."


My idea how to rephrase that would be:


"XXX has received a M.Sc. double degree in Energy for Smart Cities from KU Leuven, Belgium, and KTH Stockholm, Sweden, coordinated by the European Institute of Technology."


Of course, study track and location can be adapted for someone else, this is just for my specific case.


However, I am not sure if some of the following alternatives should be used or you have other suggestions:


- Change study track to "EIT-KIC Energy for Smart Cities" or "EIT Energy for Smart Cities"

- Change "coordinated" to "established"

- "established by the European Institute of Technology and coordinated by EIT InnoEnergy"

- Replace "European Institute of Technology" by "EIT InnoEnergy" (however, nobody will know what is EIT, so I prefer it written out)


I am particular not sure how to mention EIT in the best way and it would be useful if other people refer to EIT in the same way than everybody else (branding is important :-))


Thanks and cheers!