David Duque Lozano

2017 European Energy Student Network (EESN) Annual Conference

Discussion created by David Duque Lozano Partner on 21-Apr-2017

Hello all,

I received this invitation and wanted to share it with everyone.


The EESN is inviting students to attend the 2017 European Energy Student Network (EESN) Annual Conference in partnership with the Micro Energy Systems (MES) Group at TU Berlin May 19-21, 2017. It is anticipating an attendance of 100+ students from 12+ European countries, up from last year’s inaugural conference with 50 students from 9 countries.

The theme is: "Leading Local Transformations for A Global Energy Transition." The conference blends together enriching presentations from industry guests, academics, entrepreneurs, and policy makers, a business simulation game, networking opportunities, and brainstorming on how to better meet student needs and what students can do to solve the energy trilemma challenges.

Registration is free and EESN covers breakfasts and lunches for participants. The seats will be limited to 100 seats. You can find more information and register here - https://www.eesn.info/2017anconf

Feel free to share the 2017 EESN Annual Conference opportunity with your classmates, friends, and colleagues - the more the merrier!


For more information, please contact Fabio Bernal (fabio.bernal@eesn.info).