Jacopo Sala

Perovskite modules are rising up

Discussion created by Jacopo Sala Partner on 12-Apr-2017

Although the NREL chart of efficiencies declares the highest records for solar cells, those results are usualy limited to solar cells who are really small (nearly 0.1 cm^2) and in some cases the certified results are not even reproducible before few months of trials. The current situation for perovskite is that 22.1% is yes a record efficiency, but it does not mean that we can produce panels of that efficiencies on large scale.

In the last months the thin film group at imec, belgian research company, was able to demonstrate a 12.4% efficiency module of 4x4 cm^2 achieving for the first time, values similar to CdTe and CIGS technologies, which are already approaching the market. Here there is the piece of news to refer to: Imec and Solliance’s perovskite PV modules achieve 12.4%