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Database for Locations of InnoEnergy Students

Question asked by Rachel Sadok Partner on 04-Apr-2017
Latest reply on 05-Apr-2017 by Rachel Sadok

After getting some InnoEnergy students who have moved location (for the thesis or otherwise) asking me about how to be informed about local events in that new location, I realized we might be missing something very important to resolve this issue. Since I am a representative, I knew who to contact at my new location to be able to be involved, but other students who have not been representatives in the past (and might want to start being one) wouldn't necessarily know. Is there already a database out there for the current location of InnoEnergy students? If not, I think we should make one! And every semester (or year, or whenever students change location), they should go in and change their location so that local CommUnity managers know about new students to add to their contact list. Do you guys think this is a good idea if it doesn't already exist (if it does, please let me know!)?