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Discussion created by Federica Carnicelli Partner on 29-Mar-2017

Dear all,

I'm Federica Carnicelli, I recently finished the RENE Master program and I'm currently working at EIFER (European Institute for Energy Research) located in Karlsruhe (Germany). This research centre is the result of a cooperation between EDF (French utility) and KIT (German engineering university).

We're looking for a Master student willing to write his/her Master thesis on the interpretation of real monitoring data coming from a dozen of residential CHP (i.e. cogeneration) installations (Stirling engines). The goal is to detect hotspots and propose operational improvements of such CHP systems. We would like to start as soon as possible (end of April/May). A more detailed description of the internship position can be found below.

Please contact me directly at carnicelli@eifer.org if you would like to send your application or if you have some questions.



Eifer has installed and monitored a dozen of µCHP Stirling units for residential application in France and ; in the past three years, a big quantity of data related to operation has been collected.

The type of data differs depending on the installation site and the measuring device used; generally speaking, these data are related to:

  • Type of building
  • Climate area
  • Operational hours
  • Heat and electricity produced
  • Energy Consumption
  • Weather conditions

A preliminary data treatment and analysis has been done using Phyton.



During the 6 months internship period (around 450 Euro/month reimbursement), the master student should:

  • Organize and integrate the different codes for data treatment (based on Phyton)
  • Raw data treatment
  • Features extraction
  • Data analysis (average load curves, correlations among different data, climate area differences, aggregated/disaggregated load curves,…)
  • Sensitive analysis for operational improvement



  • Master student in Energy/Electrical/Mechanical or similar
  • Programming
  • familiar with Phyton and SQL
  • Matlab as a plus
  • Big data approach
  • Data analysis
  • Statistics
  • Familiar with energy systems
  • English mandatory (French and German as a plus)