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Should it be required that energy policy decisions be made based on open models?

Discussion created by Samarth Kumar Partner on 22-Mar-2017
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Energy scientists must show their workings : Nature News & Comment 


At the end of the day, energy sector is highly policy driven. Shouldn't we know on what basis the decisions that effect us are being made? Besides ideological reasons, but it's also much more convenient. Anyone who has worked with energy system modelling knows the pain of collecting, validating and structuring data.


On the other hand, due to obvious free-market regulations, companies cannot be made to open their data. This data (for example availability factors) makes the model more accurate. So there is usually a trade-off between accuracy and openness.

The question arises what is better: an open but (possibly) less accurate model or a closed but (possibly) more accurate model?


Personally, I am in favor of the earlier, but in my research I am not allowed to open the model (more precisely, data).