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Coal Mine In Germany Becomes Hydroelectric Battery

Discussion created by Salman Shahid Partner on 22-Mar-2017
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A coal mine in Germany is entering the 21st century and reinventing itself in the process. The Prosper-Haniel hard coal mine, founded in 1863, once provided fossil fuels that drove German industry for nearly five decades. But now, it’s getting a brand new identity and becoming what Bloomberg calls “a giant battery that stores excess solar and wind energy.”


When it closes in 2018, the coal mine will become a 200 megawatt pumped-storage hydroelectric reservoir, which means it’ll behave as a battery and have the energy to power more than 400,000 homes, according to North-Rhine Westaphalia state governor Hannelore Kraft. So while the mine is remaining true to its roots of providing power to the people, it’s doing so in a new way.

Germany Looks to Transform Old Coal Mine into Hydroelectric Battery | Digital Trends