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Discussion created by Salman Shahid Partner on 19-Mar-2017

Norway is again pushing for a greener society -- this time, they are planning to sell cars that have zero or low-emission starting 2025, phasing out petrol and diesel cars. According to Autocar, Norway aims to do this by using a "polluter pays" tax system, where vehicles with low and zero emission could receive incentives under the new law.


In a report from Elbil, Norway believes that boosting sales of low and zero emission vehicles is an effective plan to introduce and strenghten the green tax system. The country hopes that through the new law, citizens will be motivated to choose cleaner transport over fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Norway also encourages consumers to buy electric vehicles or newer EV models in order to get more incentives. The country has showed its strong support on the usage of electric vehicles as these vehicles are free to use the country's bus lanes, toll roads and ferries free of charge. Meanwhile, rules on fossil fuels vehicles are stricter; they are charged depending on their pollutant outputs.


EV Utopia: Norway Pushes for ZERO Petrol and Diesel Cars by 2025 With New Tax System : News : Nature World News