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Solar eclipse - something to be enjoyed or worried about?

Discussion created by Karolis Gesevicius Partner on 08-Mar-2017
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When the Sun is being blocked by the Moon in midday the only idea we have - what a crazy nature we are living in, it is amazing! But there was the last eclipse (2015 March 21st) covering Europe's surface which sent an alarm to national grid operators - how do we manage 17 GW of PV capacity turning down in 15 minutes and coming back online in even quicker pace? 


Please, I invite You to read and enjoy a little amateur article and give your opinion, what would happen to the European electricity supply during future eclipses, when electricity generation share by PV will (hopefully) reach a significant percentage? How can we tackle the problem and assure stability?



P.S. Article for casual reading, made as an individual project for Energy Resources course.