Robert Pleticha

RAFAKO S.A. company's Polygen synthetic natural gas plant coming in 2019

Discussion created by Robert Pleticha Partner on 06-Mar-2017

RAFAKO S.A. successfully completed a feasibility study for its 4.2 million Polygen project with support from InnoEnergy's 2016 Investment Round. Learn more from the dedicated website: Investment Round for Innovation Projects | InnoEnergy 


The Polygen facility will be a synthetic natural gas plant producing gas through alternative fuels such as sewage sludge, municipal waste and biomass.


Read the full press release in English here


Are there any other projects in Europe that you are aware of that are similar to Polygen?


Do you see any potential in your country for a similar synthetic natural gas plant that could help reduce smog and carbon emissions? 


Thanks to Dawid Niedojadło for pointing out this news and congratulations to RAFAKO S.A. on their success!