Salman Shahid

Schneider Go Green in the City Challenge 2017

Discussion created by Salman Shahid Partner on 12-Mar-2017

Deadline: 11th May, 2017 - Countdown on the website

Innovative solutions for smarter and more energy efficient cities


Step 1


Business and engineering students worldwide who are 18 years of age or older and pursuing a bachelor’s (at least 2nd year), master’s, or MBA degree are eligible to compete.


Step 2

Create your profile

Fill out the profile page then upload your CV and a profile picture.


Step 3

Form a team

Team up with a classmate or friend, or find a teammate through the Go Green in the City competition platform! Both teammates must be studying in the same country, and every team must include at least one female member.


Step 4

Submit your solution

Impress the judges with your team’s creative idea for smarter cities through better energy management and efficiency. Take the quizzes to unlock insights about Schneider Electric and the energy-smart cities it supports.


For details, visit: Go Green in the City 2017