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Are we living the clean energy paradox?

Question asked by Robert Pleticha Partner on 06-Mar-2017
Latest reply on 30-Mar-2017 by Enrico Furnari

I saw this Economist article on Bill Gates' Twitter feed. He recently said in a Reddit AMA that if he wasn't dedicated to the Gates Foundation, he would like to work with Elon Musk to tackle global energy issues.… 


In this article a think tank is mentioned that states, "vicious circle: subsidies foster deployment of renewables; renewables depress power prices, increasing the need for financial support" (for reliable but polluting forms of energy generation.


The article continues to mention the clean energy paradox, "

“The more successful you are in increasing renewables’ penetration, the more expensive and less effective the policy becomes.”


I was wondering what do you think of the clean energy paradox idea and what policies and business models take this challenge in to account?