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Biomass energy in the age of Trump

Discussion created by Enrique Velo Partner on 17-Feb-2017
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Biomass energy in the age of Trump | by Joel B. Stronberg | Renewable Energy World


Behind this striking title, J.B. Stronberg makes a very interesting analysis of the situation and future prospects of biomass in the United States, which is not far away from the situation in Europe. Key points for the future of Biomass for providing heat and power and for competing with other renewable energy resources are politics, prices and environment benefits.


Stronberg states that "As a class of technologies, biomass requires more by the way of political/policy support than either solar or wind".


What do you think? Should our governments provide more support to biomass technologies? Or should this sector be held in standby (only research & development) until these technologies become more competitive by themselves?