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German Consumers Would Prefer Novel Power Tariffs

Discussion created by Swaroop Rao Partner on 10-Feb-2017
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76% of German electricity consumers would prefer having flexible power pricing, a survey by a German digital companies' association Bitkom shows. 58% of them would additionally go for Eco-Electricity, whereas 57% of them think it will work out cheaper for them. 61% of the respondents also said they would be open to using smart products that modify the consumption based on the power price.


It goes on to say, that about 52% of the consumers asked would like better information about their energy usage, in form of regular reports or an app.


Interestingly, it says that nearly half (53%) of the respondents are concerned that the IT systems related to their power supply might be hacked, and about 32% are concerned about their power companies knowing what devices they are using at any point of time. Those companies that keep IT and data security at their core might be appreciated more by the consumer, says the Vice-President of Bitkom Ulrich Dietz.


(It might be worth noting that this doesn't seem to be an impartial survey, given that it was conducted by a digital companies' association)


What do you guys think? 

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