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Job opportunities on the new Digital Alumni website

Discussion created by Francesco Bonadiman on 13-Feb-2017
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Hello people from the InnoEnergy Community!


Last weekend we launched our redesigned website for the EIT Digital Alumni.

We also have a Job Portal there, where we share job / internship opportunities for our members.


We definitely believe EIT Digital is more like "an infrastructure" for the other KICs, than a real deeply focused KIC.

Nothing can be done nowadays without going digital, and every digital thing needs to move into other directions, like in the case of renewable energy.


For this reason, if you are working at interesting projects, companies or startups, and looking for CTOs, co-founders, tech-guys, designers or developers, feel free to send us an email at and we will be happy to post your offers on our Job Portal and to foster the collaboration within our EIT Alumni Community.