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MOOC - Sustainable Mobility

Discussion created by Milan Zlatkovikj Partner on 13-Feb-2017
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I recommend this MOOC by IFP School. It is about to start next week and it is free. Last year I attended one similar course from IFP and TOTAL together, and in the end (after finishing the exercises) you can get a digital certificate and a link to post it on Linkedin, s i guess it should be the same for this one also. 


In addition, I would like to inform students from year 1, which consider doing year 2 at IST Lisbon or in France, to take a look at the opportunities presented by IFP and IFPEN (their new branch related to renewable energies). In the field of chemistry and gas/oil processing, IFP have very high reputation and are recognized worldwide. I am not sure to which extent they work in the new field for them (renewable) but for sure it is worth looking at it.

IFP Energies nouvelles - Innovation, Energy, Environment 

I don't know if there is official connection between IFP and InnoEnergy, but for sure they cooperate with some of the universities in the Master Program. 


p.s. Robert Pleticha i am not sure if this is placed on the correct topic and in the proper form, if theres some more suitable location for MOOCs feel free to adjust it.