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MSc Thesis work

Discussion created by Milan Zlatkovikj Partner on 08-Feb-2017
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So the moment of truth came - to be or not to be - the famous Master Thesis  

We had a very good presentation at Tecnico from the coordinator of the Master program and one guest professor from Comibra. During the seminar which lasted several hours, there were a few information that were quite interesting for me and would like to discuss them with people who already did their thesis.

It was mentioned that they consider the minimum working hours for doing a proper Thesis is around 800 working hours (20 weeks full work time with 40 hours per week). Although this is not to be counted/measured is a good benchmark/orientation how much you need to do (minimum) for your thesis.

On the other side, the good old Murphy law  Everything that can go wrong, will - in the worst moment. Files back-ups, preparation, anticipation etc. How to handle this ?

I open this discussion, and invite Alumni, which went through the process, to give their point of view, the good/bad points in the work, bad beats, what went wrong, what could be done better, and everything else they find useful to share on this topic. The focus here is on the work done, topic is not of big significance.